108. I’m glad you’re getting out; Fine!! but we’re not friends anymore.

It should be a joyous day but it is not.  I should be over the moon to be getting discharged today but I’m not.  Right now I want to stay in there forever.  My sister has just phoned me. Mum told her I’m out.  She has just phoned to be nasty and make things all about her; “Thanks for telling me you’re out!!, you never call me back, that’s fine, I’m glad you’re out but we’re not friends anymore and she hung up!!!!

What am I supposed to do with that? How am I supposed to feel supported when on one of the most important days in my recent history, I get treated like that.

My depression hasn’t lifted, its still here..  I can’t cope with anything.  I guess things haven’t really changed.  I’m so lonely.

Loopy x.

Author: insideloopyshead

On paper I have the perfect life, good career, supportive and loving partner and a beautiful little son. But today I want to die. It’s time to set my thoughts free. Come along with my daily mental adventures and gain insight into warped thinking and it’s hazards and maybe support me along the way.

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