111. Feeling let down.

Today was quite a momentous day.  As documented earlier, I’ve been released from the psychiatric hospital that I called home this past two months. Both my mother and my sister knew I was returning home today.

My sister was quite frankly horrible to me this morning and after abruptly hanging up on me in a rage, I’ve not heard from her since. I’m not calling her, quite frankly I don’t have the strength.

Nor have I had any contact from my mother. She gets home from work at 3 and it’s now 10 pm. They really don’t care do they?  I’m feeling totally let down, deflated and alone in all this. This is when the suicidal thoughts creep in the most, when I’m feeling lonely.  Time to ask OH for some cuddles.

Tomorrow is another day I guess.

Loopy x.

Author: insideloopyshead

On paper I have the perfect life, good career, supportive and loving partner and a beautiful little son. But today I want to die. It’s time to set my thoughts free. Come along with my daily mental adventures and gain insight into warped thinking and it’s hazards and maybe support me along the way.

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