334. Total shut down.

I blame him sometimes. I feel unloved, unappreciated and honestly, just totally alone.

OH is depressed. It’s clear as day for us all to see. But when I try to broach the subject, I get the wall of silence. We’ve been here before.

I get home from work, to one word answers, grunts and silence. He retreats to the lower rooms, hiding away from his parents, myself and little man. We go to bed, he turns his back, and again, more silence.

The truth is, he makes me feel like crap, unloved and unwanted. He’s inpatient with little man, and selfish.

The kicker is, I know these traits. I myself have exhibited them. I know he’s battling something, but why the hell can he not just admit it.

His depression is fuelling my depression. I don’t know what to do? Tonight I feel almost rock bottom low. I can tell he does too.

We need help.

Loopy x

Author: insideloopyshead

On paper I have the perfect life, good career, supportive and loving partner and a beautiful little son. But today I want to die. It’s time to set my thoughts free. Come along with my daily mental adventures and gain insight into warped thinking and it’s hazards and maybe support me along the way.

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