409. I had to bring him home.

I’m out on leave from the hospital, and our plan was to see how it goes for a few days before bringing little man home from granny’s 

I’ve been low all day.  I’ve been a little weepy and lost for things to do.  I’ve contemplated downing drugs and other means.

What surprised me though, is that my heart ached for little man.  I practically begged OH to trust me, and bring him home.

At granny’s my little hero leaped out the front door, sprinted shoeless across pebbles and tarmac, and flung his arms around me.  We squeezed each other tightly and both faught back little tears.

Our relationship is a little complicated, and I need help with that but……

Little man is home where he belongs! and I must must MUST not let him down or abandon him again.

Loopy x

278. When the darkness sets in

I’m home, and by all accounts it has been a successful endeavour. It’s now 12 am however, and OH is snoring beside me. It’s dark outside and I should be sleeping.

Someone forgot to tell my head to shut up. I knew I’d struggle in the darkness, I knew racing thoughts and crippling self doubts would take hold again. The false security of the psych ward slowed my mind, just a little, but now I’m back in the real world again. A world I’ve tried to escape now, twice.

I can’t believe they sent me home without a sleep aid.

I’ll be officially discharged in the morning. Am I ready? Yes! Will I be ok? I’m not so sure…

Loopy x

276. The talk.

How many people do you know, that would set up an interviews, whilst still in hospital? That’s exactly what I’ve done. It would be fine if I didn’t also have to prep a talk for it.

“How would you identify and quantify proteins and why is this knowledge important for medical laboratory scientists?”

I’m thinking about this, as I sit on the floor, in my favourite spot on the psych ward. It’s a bizarre experience. Tonight should be my last sleep in here, with tomorrow night being spent at home before discharge.

My interview is over Skype the day after. What in earth was I thinking!!! You need to learn to rest loopy!!!

Loopy x