71. Dog tired.

I’m so tired today.  My body is weak and heavy.  I dozed of on a window sill.  I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks (but I have).  My mind is also running quite slow though which is nice I guess.

I’ve also just had another psychology session.  It went well I think.  I did feel quite rude yawning the whole way through it though. We did some breathing exercise at the end and although I started off giggling, it got a little better.  There was no music played during the breathing exercise, and I think for me that was a good thing.

It feels like the start of some progress maybe.

Loopy x.

69. Get well now!!!!

When are you getting out?, What are they doing for you?, Why is it taking so long? What have they said is wrong with you? What are we going to tell everyone if Little man has to stay here longer? You’ve been in there for ages now…………

Every time I speak with my family I get the above barrage of questions and more………….

I don’t have the answers. I wish they would stop putting this pressure on me.

It’s too much.

Loopy x.


68. Wilson Reincarnated.

For those of you who may have missed some posts, Wilson is my football. Wilson has been punched and kicked daily, but he remains my best friend.  The problem is, I keep kicking him over the roof!!

So after my earlier rant, I did then get my hair sorted and I did manage to go out with OH. I was even left unacompanied with hair straighteners and I did no harm.

After a trip to Sports Direct the new incarnation of Wilson is once again in my possession. I’ll try not to kick you so high this time my good friend.

As for my trip out with OH; it went much better today. I was very stressed on the ward today so getting out was like breathing for the first time, when you feel like you’re drowning. We didn’t stay long with each other but the time we did have was relaxed and nice. I am missing Little man though; which is a really good sign.

I’m much calmer now and my mood has lifted.

Loopy x.

67. Straw that broke the camels back.

I took a shower today at 12.15 after bashing a new ball (loaned by lovely staff member) of the wall for a while. Taking a shower these days is actually quite the achievement. From around 12.40 I’ve been trying to get a staff member to allow me access to the obs room so I can dress the burns on my arms. It took until 13.45 for that to happen.  I went to the nurses station but was told “just go find a member of staff”.  There are none!!!!!

I’ve not yet been able to get a hairdryer so my hair has dried unsightly. I was supposed to go out with OH at 2.00, I’ve told him to hold off until 2.30.  I still don’t think I’ll have been able to sort my hair by then.  Thus I can’t go.  I’m too unsightly in this state.  Right now I want to smash every window in the place and tell all the staff (with 2 exceptions) to go F&^K themselves. I hate how I look and you’ve made that worse today.

This is not a place of healing…………

Loopy x.

65. A broken promise to myself.

I’ve just self harmed.  I’ve had a pretty horrible day to be fair and I’ve botted Wilson once more beyond our walls. Need to order more footballs. This self harm is minor though, it could have been much worse.

My mood today hit (wanted to tie a liguature around my neck) rock bottom.  I crashed big time. Had a panic attack, and just an overwhelming urge to self harm, but to do so badly. I did though seek some help eventually and they did settle me with compassion and drugs.

I’m glad this day is nearly over, but now I’m gutted I broke a promise to myself.

Loopy x.

62. Lots of burning on the ward today.

Today we had to evacuate our ward as someone decided it was a good idea to set a bin on fire. I was pretty lucky I guess, in that I was able to go to a gym on another ward to pass the time.  I get to the gym almost daily now.  I managed to jog 20 mins on the treadmill which for me is a huge achievement.  I can’t run, I’ve never gotten any better at it but today I surprised myself a little.

Today though not even a successful gym session could clear the demons in my head. I battered Wilson off the wall after the gym and still no relief. I’ve self harmed twice today.  Firstly after the chaos of the incident had all settled.  I couldn’t settle my mind. It’s just been a negative day.  My thoughts were racing and I was feeling suicidal.

A visit with OH this afternoon went badly; I was unnecessarily sharp with him and just hard to be around.  Shortly after that I did the 2nd burn; a little deeper this time.  The psychologist summed up why I self harm perfectly today.  It hits a reset button.  It stops the racing thoughts, the self loathing and suicidal impulses; if only for a little while. .

I hate having to ask for a bandage, I feel so ashamed.

Loopy x.

61. Psychology at last.

So from week 1 in here it was pretty much agreed that I would benefit from psychology.  It has taken forever, but today I finally met with one.  It was both brilliant, as I felt comfortable talking with her, and terrible because I’d been feeling low today anyway and once you start talking about stuff it sort of opens up the floodgates.

I told her a little about my PTSD past and a little about how I feel towards my son. That was enough for today. It was draining.  I then went back to my room, head racing and wept pretty uncontrollably for about 20 minutes. I dragged myself to lunch, took it back to my room and wept some more.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to get through all this.  I hate myself, I’m ugly, I’m (technically) disabled, I’m a terrible mother, I suck at my job and I don’t know why,  but all the guilt I felt about that drowning experience (see the blue face post) has resurfaced and it’s showing itself everywhere.

To end on a positive though we have decided compassion focused therapy is the way to go.  At least I feel like there might be some progress.

Loopy x.