91. Consumed with worry.

Today I’m freaking out.  I blogged yesterday about my hidden concerns that my little man is showing signs of autism.  Last night I questioned family specifically on the topic as they are looking after him right now.  My sister reaffirmed my suspicions.  They’ve also identified little ideosyncracies in him.

I am shaking as I write this.  My head is completely overwhelmed again.  On top of everything else going on in my life at the moment this is just alot to add. It has now become my main worry.

Could this expalin our difficulty bonding?  Should I have spotted this sooner????

I need to ring our health visitor asap.

Loopy x.

90. Mayday mayday, we’re going down.

I stated the day exhausted and hungover but mood wise I was pretty o.k.  However this past few hours I’ve been spiralling downwards.  I don’t really know why.  I’m feeling the need to self harm and I don’t really know why. I feel like I need to cry but I’m unable to.

I’ve been thinking alot about little man today, and something my mother said this morning; “he’s not walking on his toes anymore”.  I hadn’t noticed he’d been walking on his toes.  Had he really?  I’ve been worrying on and off this past few months that he’s been showing signs of autism and now this comment has sent my head into a whirlwind.  What if I’ve missed something really important, and not asked him to be checked out sooner.  I’ll have to grill family this evening on what he’s saying and doing etc. I’m worried now.  He’s been saying words and then not saying them, but then I haven’t seen him in weeks and when I was at home, let’s be honest he’s been in nursery all day.  I’m an absent, terrible mother.

I hope I’m wrong about this.

Loopy x.

89. Anxiety

Sweaty palms, a racing heart and a real sense of unease. These are feelings I get regularly but never talk about. I’m always forgotten in here.  I’m always one of the last to be seen to.  I’m not loud, I don’t bang on the nurses office door constantly throughout the day.  I don’t pester the staff (though there are one or two I’m more comfortable with).  But I do have needs.  These don’t get met because I’m too nervous to ask a staff member for somehting.  I walk past the nurses office 10 times before I actually knock on the door.  If they look busy it will be at least an hour before I re-attempt.

I’m a lecturer who can stand up in front of 200+ students and deliver a lecture, but when I go back to my builiding, I’m shy asking the office staff to photocopy something.  I can’t ask for help if it involves interupting an adult conversation.  I can’t ask for help if there are several staff in the office joking and laughing.  My heart pounds, my hands become clammy and more often than not, I just walk by.

I need to somehow bring this up.

Loopy x.

88. You’re too hard to talk to!!

“You’re too hard to talk to”; my sister scorned at me when I told her I was starting to get upset and wanted to stop the conversation. That was the last thing I needed to hear.  They just don’t get it.  Every little thing at the moment feels huge and overwhelming.  Every little comment stabs like a dagger.  We were talking about the logistics of looking after little man, whilst I’m still an inpatient.  I was starting to tell her that I miss him, which is when I was starting to feel upset.  I was trying to tell her that talking about all these logistics is too much pressure on me right now.

“Awk you’re too hard to talk to!”

They just don’t get it…………………….and yep I probably am.

Loopy x.

87. Ripping off the band aid.

Today I had family leave.  Today was the day to rip off the band aid and return home.  Back to the sitting room and kitchen where around 6 weeks ago, I sat and wrote a suicide note, left out bowels of food and water for my dog, and consumed several packets of sleeping tablets.  I knew it would be difficult.

It felt odd being back there.  I was calm whilst there, made small talk with OH, drank tea, put the telly on and petted my dog. I held back my emotions whilst with OH but now that I’ve returned to the sanctuary of the ward, I’m struggling to process it all.

I can remember that day, and now, on one hand I feel tremedous guilt for almost putting OH and little man through all that, and on the other hand returning to some sort off normal life seems like an unsomountable mountain.

We face timed with litttle man whilst I was there and Granny has had his hair cut.  He looks completely different; all grown up.  I feel like I’m missing it all and there’s that terrible mother shame again. I also feel like our bond may be irreparable. I do love him though.  I just want the best for him and I don’t think having me as a mother is best.

I’ve put them all through so much already that I feel like a huge burden and It would be easier for everyone if I wasn’t around. I can tell OH is stressed.  Indeed I can tell both of our families are stressed, and it’s all my fault.

I’ve asked for PRN, and I’ve calmed alittle.

I guess tomorrow is another day, and I see my physcologist tomorrow.

Loopy x.


86. I thought I’d escaped the hangover but no!

Just a quick update, the quietiapine hangover struck just after lunch! I’m sweaty, I’m twitchy and slightly nauseus. I feel like I’m having withdrawel symptoms from a benzo.  I don’t like this feeling. I am little less tired as previously stated but god I hate hangovers.

That’s an effect I wasn’t expecting.

Loopy x.

85. Less tired today.

I’ve been on a higher does of quetiapine now for 3 nights.  Sleep still eludes me but today I’m feeling less knocked out by the quetiapine.  I guess I’m starting to adjust. Today the overwhelming sensation is stress; which is a little easier to cope with than yesterdays suicidal ideation.  I have no desire to ligature today.

Despite being in hospital, I’m still having to organise everything. Contact nursery, pay bills and liaise with grandparents regarding the care of little man. My head is going to explode. It’s a tangible and all to familiar feeling. It’s like a physical squeezing on my head.

I’ve also pulled a leg muscle which is frustrating as it means I can’t kick Wilson as much as I need to.  How will I cope with the urges to self harm today? My mood is a little better though.

Loopy x.